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Best Place to Sell Second Hand Mobile Online India

Who doesn’t want to own the latest flagship mobiles or high-end gadgets in the modern world of technology? But not everyone can afford these phones because of their cost.

But you can.

You can sell second hand mobile online and earn some extra cash to purchase the latest mobile. There are many students who are on the lookout for a second-hand smartphone in good condition. You can sell your old phone for a good price to these students over online platforms and get a new model for yourself.

Second hand mobile sell online is a huge and growing business in the modern world. You can visit the top 5 platforms and check the rates they offer. These platforms refurbish your device before selling them to buyback companies or individuals looking for the latest androids at a lower price in India.

Top 5 Platforms to Sell Old Mobile Online

Do you want to sell your old mobile online? Wondering which website is authentic and safe for the deal? Here we have the ultimate list of the top 5 mobile reselling platforms to make it easier for you to decide.

  1. Mobiru is India’s largest online platform to buy and sell old mobiles and gadgets. This website allows you to compare buyback offers from authentic buyers before initiating a sale. If you have a damaged phone, let them know the extent of the damage. Mobiru will arrange for the refurbishing of your device before reselling it. They offer guaranteed best buyback deals in India.
  2. Cashify is yet another popular website where you can sell your old mobile phones for a good deal. They offer instant cash deals when you sell your mobiles here. The offers don’t end here. When you sell with Cashify, you get your payments instantly after your buyer purchases the device. Plus, Cashify arranges for a free pickup every time you sell on their platform. The deals are also extended for the buyers as they get a 6-months warranty, even on a refurbished mobile or gadgets.
  3. Yaantra is the third-best online platform on our list to sell old phones and purchase a refurbished one. This Noida-based company is known for its value-for-money deals on old gadgets along with mobile phones.
  4. 2Gud is a Flipkart-owned new platform in India where you can sell and buy refurbished mobiles with a warranty. The prices for the latest mobiles you get here are relatively lower than on other platforms.
  5. InstaCash is an exclusive platform for selling old mobiles in less than a minute. They offer a home pickup service and instant cash payments when you sell a mobile online.


Buying and selling old mobiles on online platforms is the new trend for gadget lovers to secure the latest mobiles at a lower price. If you want to buy the latest mobile at a reduced cost, visit any of the platforms mentioned above and sell your old device for a good deal. You can use this cash to purchase your latest flagship mobile.


How to Sell A Second Hand Mobile Online?

Online second-hand mobile sell is an exciting idea, especially when you can sell it for a good deal and buy a new one. But how can you know for sure that you are getting the best deal?

There are a few factors that you need to keep in mind while selling your phone online.

Why Should you Sell your Used Phone?

One of the simplest answers to the above question is that modern smartphones get old too fast. The current mobile market moves at speed such that your smartphone falls under the category of a back-dated device only in a few months since the launch. If you like to stay updated with the latest software, selling your old mobile is beneficial.

An Ideal Phone for Selling Online

Before reselling your device, it is common to get confused about which second hand mobile sell is the correct option. If you have more than one used phone with you, the best option is to choose a device that has not been in use for some time.

These unused old phones are good for reselling and collecting finances for your new mobile. They not only fulfil your plans to buy a new phone but also satisfy the enthusiasm of gadget experts.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Selling your Old Mobile Online

With platforms like Mobiru India near us, online selling of used mobile has become highly convenient, simple, and secure. These platforms provide instant cash deals on your old device after verifying its condition. If you are ready to sell a second-hand mobile, here are the steps to follow.

  1. Go to your favourite online used mobile selling platform and select the mobile model you would like to sell.
  2. Mention the resell details like the condition of your phone, age, etc.
  3. Wait for the online platform to grade your mobile depending on its condition.
  4. Once graded, these platforms arrange for reselling deals from buyback companies.
  5. Select a buyback offer after comparing different deals on the refurbished device.
  6. Once you select a deal, you will dispatch your mobile either to the buyer directly or to the online platform for refurbishing.
  7. These platforms release your payment once your buyer receives the mobile.

Final Thoughts

Selling your used mobile online is a great idea. You can make some extra bucks and buy a new mobile with that cash. However, you need to consider your security before you sell. Before dispatching your device to online platforms like Mobiru India, eBay, etc., it is better to take a full backup of your device and erase the mobile memory by resetting it.

Also, when you sell your device online, the buyback companies place their offers depending on the condition of the mobile and gadgets you provide them with. If you have a damaged phone, it is suggested to get it refurbished before reselling it for the best deal. While dispatching, ensure that the package includes all the original mobile gadgets like charger, data cable, headset, etc., along with the original box. The value you receive depends on what you send to your buyer.

Top 7 Benefits of Buying Refurbished Phones

Over the past two years, we have seen a worldwide surge in demand for refurbished phones. Many think “refurbished phones” are all the same as “used smartphones”. Though these terms are often used interchangeably, they are not really all the same. Well, you get several benefits when you buy refurbished phones. 

Refurbished mobile phones that sell in the market are most of the Grade A refurbishing. This means the mobile you get from the reseller is almost as good as new and shows little to no previous usage sign. Your mobile might have some small scratches, but the batter and the software work perfectly nicely. So, basically, you save a lot of money on buying a smartphone and yet get to use the latest model. 

Refurbished Mobile

While refurbished phones are repaired and tested before they are relaunched in the market, used mobiles rarely undergo repair work. The “used mobiles” are really the second-hand phones that got used for a long time and show signs of slow software. If you have a plan to get yourself an attractive deal on mobile phones, we recommend opting for “refurbished phones” over purchasing a new one.

 7 benefits of purchasing a refurbished phone.

If you are having second thoughts about buying a renewed phone, here we have seven benefits of buying one, listed for you.

1. Cost-effectiveness:

Mobile software is getting updated every single month. The leading brand of mobile manufacturers is launching a new model with extravagant features every single month. Unfortunately, all these latest models will cost you a fortune.

What if you wanted one of the latest models and fell short by a budget? Do you give up on your dream?

That is when you should buy a renewed phone. Refurbished versions of the latest models are almost as good as its brand-new version but come at half its price. Choosing a refurbished phone is always a smarter and cost-effective option.

2. Get assured quality:

When the manufacturers or dealers refurbish a phone, they first check the intensity of damage in the phone. Based on the damage and the repair work it takes to refurbish a phone, they grade the phones under category A, B, and C, with A being of the highest quality. Each of the refurbished models is then tested for performance and repaired until it works as good as new. From these testing, your refurbished mobile gets a certification of performance. 

So, when you buy a renewed phone, you can always remain sure of the quality. Some of them even offer a warranty.

3. Warranty:

People often back out from buying renewed phones since many resellers do not offer a warranty on the product. But if you are going through the trusted seller, you will see that they offer a 6-months warranty and value additions like the USB cords or simply the refurbishing certification. A used phone seller will never offer such a warranty for performance.

4. Tested to perform:

Unlike the “used phones”, your refurbished device will never breakdown when you try to use them. All the renewed phones you buy are always tested and re-tested before they get relaunched in the market. Your seller will be able to assure you of high-performance if you have bought a refurbished device.

5. It is your short-cut ticket to premium phones:

Have you ever thought of buying a premium smartphone with an exceptional camera, high RAM, the latest process, or any of the advanced features? We understand that everyone might not be able to afford a premium mobile owing to their sky-high pricing. But you can always try a short-cut. 

A renewed phone is your short cut ticket to getting one of those premium devices. However, it is not free of drawbacks. If you want a short-cut to premium mobiles, you need to wait for a short time until the refurbished version launches in the market.

6. Let the world give it a test using!

You might have to wait for some time for the refurbished version of the latest mobile models to come out in the market, but it is a blessing for you. By the time, the latest model relaunches as a refurbished version, many worldwide would have used it. So, before you buy the device, you will always have a product review in hand. The decision becomes easier when there are two premium models in question, and you have a product review with yourself.

7. Using a refurbished phone is eco-friendly.

Mobile phones, like other electronic devices, are plastic made. So, whenever a mobile is manufactured, it creates a huge amount of plastic waste that pollutes the ocean and environment, kills millions of innocent animal lives, and even brings in climate change!

Now, there is a reduction of plastic waste by a fraction for every refurbished phone sold in the market. So, unknowingly, you contribute to an eco-friendly activity of environment cleansing.


Buying refurbished phones is not an uncertain decision. These phones are almost like new and come at half their price. With the sellers providing you with a warranty and certification for performance, it is only a blessing to buy renewed phones.

Where to buy refurbished phones from?

You can always visit a store and look for second-hand mobiles. However, the online market is booming with several refurbished mobile phone selling options. We have listed the top 5 online websites where you can get revamped phones as the best budget.

1. eBay:

eBay is probably the one common name we hear every day when we plan to buy or sell products at a cheap price. It is one of the leading online platforms in the world where you can easily purchase certified and revamped electronic products. It is one of the places online where you are sure to get refurbished mobiles with zero or less damage.

2. Amazon Refurbished:

We might have listed Amazon Refurbished as the 2nd most-preferred site for second-hand electronic items, but it offers a one-point solution for every kind of electronics. 

You might get different models of refurbished mobiles on Amazon Refurbished; the pricing of the revamped products is never too satisfactory. Make sure to check the price of the mobiles before you buy them.

3. Mobiru India

Just like the previous true, Mobiru India offers refurbished electronic goods and mobiles at the best price. You can search for revamped mobiles with their brands and price range.

4. Electronic Bazaar

As the name sounds, Electronics Bazaar is the place where you get a 2nd copy of all the latest mobiles in the market. Apart from a few scratches, you should always receive a newly refurbished mobile to suit all your requirement. The price is also attractive here. Electronic Bazaar has also announced a 7-day no questions asked product return offer.

If you want to save a lot on the deal, you can place a bulk order on revamped phones. With every bulk purchase, they give you a free product delivery option.

5. Shopclues

Shopclues is India’s leading platform for the best quality refurbishes unboxed, and previously owned mobiles. Of course, we cannot compare its second-hand phone collections with any of the previous websites, but the prices are surely attractive.

Buy Refurbished Phones In India

Change is the only constant when it comes to technology. We see top mobile brands launching new models every month, and each of them comes with some new technology input. If you wish to stay technologically advanced and want your device to speak about it, you frequently need to change your phone.

However, we understand that it can be difficult to purchase a new phone every 3-6 months. Not everyone can afford to buy new phones. That’s why we suggest purchasing a refurbished version of the latest mobiles.   

 What are refurbished mobiles?

Refurbished phones are nothing but a renewed model of a preowned mobile phone. Refurbished mobiles India had been introduced to the e-commerce platforms recently. 

We often see smartphone users selling off their mobiles for a new one or because of some malfunctioning. These phones are then bought by manufacturers or dealers and revamped to look function as good as new ones. Once a phone has been refurbished, it undergoes a series of performance checks and then certified for sale. Such products sell for half the price of a new phone. 

A person could have returned his or her phone for several reasons. That’s why returned phones are first checked for scratches and malfunctioning, repaired thoroughly, and then checked for performance. This ensures that the renewed phone you get is highly in a functioning condition. 

No doubt, these phones are in such demand. E-commerce platforms nowadays display refurbished mobiles of bigger brands like iPhone, Samsung, Motorola, Redmi, or others at half their original prices. Those who couldn’t have afforded a new model can now get the same model in revamped condition for half its price. 

Things to consider while buying a refurbished mobile 

Do you want to stay updated with the latest mobile in your hand? Are you facing a financial crunch while buying the advanced model of mobile? You can now visit e-commerce websites and buy refurbished phones for an extremely low price. 

However, one needs to be aware of frauds in refurbishing. There is always apprehension about the quality of the phone and its performance when buying a previously owned revamped phone. 

If you are the consumer, being wary about the reliability of such phones is normal. Refurbished mobiles call for a cautious purchase. If you are not sure what to look for, here we have a list of things you should remember while purchasing revamped phones.

1. Always buy Grade A refurbished mobiles:

Every revamped mobile undergoes rigorous testing and checking to understand its quality, performance capacity, and physical condition. These tests show the extent of wear and tear endured by the phone and how responsive its software is. 

Once the testing is complete, the dealers grade the mobiles under three refurbishing categories, in accordance with their physical condition. The Grade refurbished phones are always in almost new condition with minuscule scratches. Grade B devices are a little-used option and have some scratches. The Grade C models usually have lots of dents and scratches, but their software works fine. Of course, their prices vary accordingly. 

If this is your first revamped phone, we recommend buying Grade A refurbished model. Even if it is costlier than other grades, it will be cheaper than new models but will appear as good as new. 

2. Buy from reliable sources:

A revamped phone can always troubleshoot after using it for a few days. If you get it from a reliable source, you can at least remain sure of the quality checks performed by the seller. Also, many dealers provide you with their warranty for 6 months. 

3. Look for the return policy:

Just like purchasing a new phone, check the return policy offered by the seller on revamped phones. Revamped phones have been used previously and can show disturbances within a few days of use. So, it is essential that your seller has a no-questions-asked return policy for a certain period of time. Check these terms with your seller before you place your order.

4. Are you getting a value-for-money deal?

Refurbished device prices are always less than new and original ones. But are you getting the maximum value for the price you paid for the device? Compare a few sellers to see the value additions they provide along with a reduced price. Some might offer freebies like a headset, USB cable, screen guard, etc. 

5. Beware of stolen and fake mobiles

Fraudulence with revamped electronic devices is nothing new. One must always refrain from buying stolen or fake mobiles. How will you understand that? When you purchase a revamped phone, contact the seller and request the original invoice of the device to prove its authenticity. Also, gather the hardware information of the phone and check on apps to ensure it is not a fake model.


Purchasing a revamped phone calls for cautiousness. If you know what to check and which model to buy, you can strike yourself a great bargain. If you face a budget constraint while purchasing a mobile, always go for its Grade A refurbished model and enjoy a phone as good as new. 

The Quickest Way of Buying Cheap and Reliable Refurbished iPhones

IPhones have taken the smartphones industry by storm through its revolutionary technology and integrated design. Every person who admires the technology and innovation of Apple dreams of owning an iPhone. But these phones do not fit everyone’s budgets, owing to the high costs. Hence most people shift towards buying second-hand iPhones.

Used iPhones and refurbished iPhones are way cheaper than brand new iPhones. The black markets and unauthorised vendors often sell iPhones at extremely cheap rates. But these uncertified devices are not safe. Many times they are swapped with cloned versions or have fake parts as substitutes. This decreases the overall functioning of the iPhone, and customers are tricked into buying it because they are cheap. Compared to used iPhones, refurbished ones are any day better because of the quality and warranty that comes with the iPhone.

If you are looking for cheaper and quicker options to buy iPhone refurbished mobiles here is the best way to help you out.

The Comparison Analysis of Mobiru India

While finding the best deals and offers, you have to browse through multiple websites. Each refurbished vendor has its own grading system, and the price for the same model varies across the many platforms. To cut down on all the time and hassle, Mobiru India is the best platform.

This is a standalone company that deals with providing a comparative analysis of various refurbished mobiles deals from multiple websites. So for a particular iPhone refurbished model that you search at Mobiru India, you can view all the deals available hosted by many different vendors. The comparison matrix displays the best deals on top of the list, and the rest follow. You can compare the price, specifications, grade and quality of the devices.

Mobiru India is in partnership with top refurbished vendors like Cashify, Budli, Yaantra, and PAytmMall. You can also find deals from Amazon renewed and Flipkart 2Gud in the comparison matrix. Moreover, it accepts only certified and quality refurbishers. So, by far this is the easiest and safest method of choosing refurbished iPhones.

Here is how you can shop through Mobiru India

  1. Visit
  2. Find the Shop by brand section on the homepage and click on ‘Apple’.
  3. Search the model you wish to buy. Click on the model of iPhone refurbished mobile.
  4. You will be directed to the comparison analysis. Select your preferences regarding RAM, storage, and colour of the iPhone.
  5. A list of deals based on your preferences will appear.
  6. You can read and select the deals you find best. Click on the deal and you will be redirected to the vendor’s website.

Why are Refurbished Samsung Mobiles so Cheap?

Samsung brand of smartphones never ceases to surprise customers with its innovative technology, stunning design and all-round utility of its devices. In recent times, refurbished smartphones are come to the brim of the phone industry because of the importance it carries from an environmental and economic perspective.

If you browse through refurbished mobile sellers you will find that Samsung refurbished mobiles are found in abundance, and at extremely low prices. Here are three reasons why the refurbished Samsung mobiles are cheap.

  1. The first reason is the structure of brand products. Samsung smartphones come in a wide range of technological and cost categories. For instance, the Z, Note series are high-end brands with flagship devices whereas A series comprises of mid-budget devices. The Samsung M series are low-end smartphones with great features at a low cost. Owing to this structure, the refurbished versions of A and M series are prone to be low in cost, thus a boon for many customers running short on budget.
  2. The second reason is the popularity of the brand. Samsung smartphones are extremely popular and well-known. The popularity of the brand leads to a large purchase of its devices. This gives scope for the conditioning of many used phones to refurbish them. With a whole lot of marketing and business involved, Samsung leads in quality and quantity making the Samsung refurbished mobiles cheap in cost.
  3. The third reason is the availability and utility of the brand. Samsung, although a Korean brand, has its major manufacturing units established in India. Multiple online stores and offline chain stores sell this brand. This makes repair and maintenance easy and cost-effective. So also, the availability of refurbished Samsung mobiles in India contributes to the low costs of the devices.

The popularity and availability also contribute to its affiliation with large shopping portals. These portals often host exchange programs and sales with considerable discount rates. This makes the purchase of refurbished Samsung phones cheap and budget-friendly.

To get the best deals of refurbished Samsung mobiles in India, it is essential to purchase from the right buyers. The factory stores are often a reliable source but the refurbished devices brought from there don’t come too cheap. Online portals with certified refurbishers are a great choice to buy refurbished phones at a low cost. Amazon renewed, Cashify, Flipkart 2Gud, PaytmMall, and Budli are some renowned names of this niche. Comparing various deals for the same model of a refurbished phone at Mobiru India will help you pick the best deal in terms of price and phone grade. At Mobiru India, you can find cheap Samsung phones right from Rs 899.

Top deals within 10k include refurbished Samsung galaxy On8, S6 Edge, M10, J8, Note4 and many others.

Refurbished Phones to Buy in 2020 – A Quick Guide

Ever since the onset of the pandemic, the demand for smartphones has incredibly increased. A part of the population that runs low on budget, have started to buy used phones instead of a brand new phone. But, used phones come with their own set of flaws and faults. Buying certified refurbished is the smartest way out.

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Refurbished Mobiles in 2020

  1. Certified refurbished mobiles are budget-friendly. You can buy quality devices at a low price, Moreover, refurbished mobiles today come in all price ranges, giving the customers a wide range of options to choose from. This is a method to save big money amidst the pandemic.
  2. Certified refurbished phones come with an authorized warranty and a return policy. In most cases, major brands like Apple also provide post-sale care. Thus making it a completely safe and beneficial buy.
  3. With growing electronic waste pollution, it is essential we keep a check on it. Buying refurbished mobiles is one such way to cut down on the e-waste pollution.

To buy the best of refurbished mobiles in 2020, the simple trick is to buy refurbished versions of phones that were launched in 2020 or later half of 2019. That way you can get the updated technical features and innovative designs in the refurbished phones that you buy.

Low-End Refurbished Phones of 2020

The low-end refurbished phones options are often limited. But it is advised that you choose notable brands and standard devices and do not buy from unknown brands just because the price is low. The refurbished phones in this price range come with average storage, camera features and battery life. Refurbished Redmi note 7s, Nokia 2.3, Realme Narzo 10 A, Realme 5, Samsung Galaxy M10s some of the best deals available. These phones are a good buy for students, and for people with simple phone needs.

Mid-Budget Refurbished Phones of 2020

These phones come with better features and are often categorized in specializations like a Camera phone, gaming phone and so on. The mid-budget range is 10k to 30k. Almost all phones in this range are branded products and come with great features. 48 to 64 MP camera, battery life above 4000mAh and RAM above 3 GB are the general features from most of the phones in this category. Realme XT, Samsung Galaxy A10s, Realme X2 Pro, Oppo Reno3 Pro, Asus 6z are some of the notable deals trending now. These phones go well for students, for office-use, and any field where standard features of the phone find use.

High-End Refurbished Phones of 2020

The high-end phones come with cutting-edge technology, state-of-art design and exclusive features supported by powerful processors enabling smooth performance. Flagship models of classy brands make up this section. Apple iPhone 11, Samsung Galaxy S20, Apple iPhone SE genration2 are the most popular names of this category.

Many leading models of phones that are recently released are not available in the refurbished versions. It takes nearly 2 to 3 months before a newly released phone is refurbished and is out for purchase.

Where to Buy Refurbished Phones?

The pandemic situation has forced us into choosing online means of doing almost everything. When it comes to buying refurbished phones, not all online and offline stores are trustworthy. The black market is definitely not the right place to buy phones although they might be extremely cheap. Certified local refurbishers, large chain stores and factory outlets are considered safe offline means. Online brand stores and certified re-commerce platforms like Amazon renewed, Budli, and Cashify are considered safe for transactions.

Points to Remember

  1. Assess the phone thoroughly, compare specifications and read up about the grade of the refurbished mobile before purchase.
  2. Before confirm6ing the order, make sure to read the reviews and seller ratings about the model and vendor of certified refurbished phones.
  3. Buy refurbished phones that come with a warranty and return policy.
  4. Compare the price and grade of the model with the same model on other websites. Mobiru India is one such platform where you can compare the refurbished phone deals to pick the best deal.
  5. Check the compatibility of the device with other accessories and test use the phone on delivery. That way, you will be able to return the phone within return period if any faults are found.

Best Refurbished Phones for Every Budget in India 2020

The refurbished smartphones niche is expanding considerably and gaining recognition, popularity and importance that it much deserves. The major reason that people buy refurbished phones is because of the low costs. But what you need to know is that not only are refurbished phones lows in cost, but the top grades function as good as new phones. Purchase from certified vendors gives the benefit of quality devices that come with a warranty and return policy.

Refurbished Phones Under 5K

One of the most notable devices is Redmi Y1 Lite with 3080mAh battery and 13 MP cameras at Rs.3799. Other devices include Apple iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy On5. Samsung and Redmi refurbished smartphones found in this price range are of better quality than other devices.

Refurbished Phones Under 10K

With a power-packed 4000mAh battery and 48 MP cameras, refurbished Redmi Note 7 Pro at Rs 9199 is by far the best deal. Most low-end smartphones fit in the range of 5k-10k, and so people buy a new phone. But buying a refurbished mobile in this range lets you enjoy the benefits of pricey devices at a low cost. Oppo F7, Samsung Galaxy M20, Redmi Y3 and OnePlus 3T are the trending hot deals.

Refurbished Phones Under 20K

This range encompasses the best of a camera, gaming, and utility phones. Right from the sleek and stylish Samsung Galaxy at Rs. 19,249, to the gaming phone Realme XT at Rs. 14,699, find smartphones that are specialized for your specific needs. OnePlus 6, Samsung Galaxy M40, Poco F1, Redmi K20, iPhone 6 Plus are other major options to consider.

Refurbished Phones Under 30K

This range of refurbished mobiles India consists of high-end devices. Major brands and flagship devices’ refurbished versions are often found between 20k to 30k. Refurbished OnePlus & with fast charge and rapid cooling system has a starting price of around 26K. Apple iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, Oppo Reno2, Samsung Galaxy A80 are some of the best picks.

Top-Notch Refurbished Phones

Business-class smartphones, exclusive gaming and camera phones and smartphones with the best performance and design are often costly. And so are their refurbished versions. Fitting the price range of 30k-60k are devices like Apple iPhone X, Apple iPhone XR, Samsung Galaxy S20, OnePlus 7Pro, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and some others.

The important thing to note is that price for the same model of the refurbished phone varies with each vendor and with different grades of the phone. To buy refurbished mobiles of the best quality, buy only from certified vendors, and choose the best grade of the device.

10 Facts you Need to Know Before Buying a Second-Hand iPhone

Apple iPhones are high-end devices that cost a fortune. Owing to these high costs many people opt to buy used or second-hand iPhones. But here are a few things you need to know and check before you purchase a second-hand iPhone for a cheaper price.

  1. Refurbished iPhone are a better choice than second-hand iPhones. An iPhone second hand might co e with cosmetic dents, scratches and technical issues caused through the use of the previous user. Hence it could become a high maintenance deal. Refurbished iPhones are better as they are conditioned and repaired versions.
  2. Cloned iPhones are often sold instead of used iPhones. Many sellers sell cloned or fake versions of iPhones instead of used or refurbished iPhones. So you must keep a check over this factor and know the tips and tricks to identify a real iPhone from a fake one.
  3. Not all second-hand iPhones are safe. Many vendors might replace authentic parts with fake ones. This decreases the performance of the iPhone. So it is essential that you do a thorough check of the device and read about the differences between original and substitute parts.
  4. Compare the specifications and functionality. Second-hand iPhones are often sold when issues occur in the functionality of the iPhone. So, before you buy the iPhone make sure to check through all applications and features.
  5. Note the serial number and check the authenticity of the iPhone. Every iPhone has a unique serial number which can be noted through the about section in settings of the iPhone. Entering this serial number on the official Apple website gives you details regarding the model and is a way to check the authenticity, battery replacements or other details about the handset.
  6. Check the connectivity of the device with accessories. IPhones are compatible with only certain types of chargers, headphones and other accessories. So, before making the purchase check the compatibility of the device with the accessories provided by the seller. This is also a means to check the functioning of the buttons and ports of the used iPhone.
  7. Beware of sim-locked iPhones. Many dealers sell iPhone second hand that is sim-locked. It is essential that you check the working of the iPhone and do not get tricked into buying a sim-locked device.
  8. Buy devices with warranty and documents. Paper records related to ownership rights, warranty, or product details. Be sure to collect them all from the previous user.
  9. The source of purchase plays an important role. Black markets sell second hand iPhone at cheaper prices. But they are often unsafe as they could be illegally obtained models that are stolen. Certified sellers are the best source to buy from.
  10. Compare the price point. While buying a used iPhone compare the price point through comparison matrices or online websites. That way you can avail the best deal.

These are a few basic facts and points that you need to remember while purchasing a second-hand iPhone.