Refurbished Phones to Buy in 2020 – A Quick Guide

Ever since the onset of the pandemic, the demand for smartphones has incredibly increased. A part of the population that runs low on budget, have started to buy used phones instead of a brand new phone. But, used phones come with their own set of flaws and faults. Buying certified refurbished is the smartest way out.

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Refurbished Mobiles in 2020

  1. Certified refurbished mobiles are budget-friendly. You can buy quality devices at a low price, Moreover, refurbished mobiles today come in all price ranges, giving the customers a wide range of options to choose from. This is a method to save big money amidst the pandemic.
  2. Certified refurbished phones come with an authorized warranty and a return policy. In most cases, major brands like Apple also provide post-sale care. Thus making it a completely safe and beneficial buy.
  3. With growing electronic waste pollution, it is essential we keep a check on it. Buying refurbished mobiles is one such way to cut down on the e-waste pollution.

To buy the best of refurbished mobiles in 2020, the simple trick is to buy refurbished versions of phones that were launched in 2020 or later half of 2019. That way you can get the updated technical features and innovative designs in the refurbished phones that you buy.

Low-End Refurbished Phones of 2020

The low-end refurbished phones options are often limited. But it is advised that you choose notable brands and standard devices and do not buy from unknown brands just because the price is low. The refurbished phones in this price range come with average storage, camera features and battery life. Refurbished Redmi note 7s, Nokia 2.3, Realme Narzo 10 A, Realme 5, Samsung Galaxy M10s some of the best deals available. These phones are a good buy for students, and for people with simple phone needs.

Mid-Budget Refurbished Phones of 2020

These phones come with better features and are often categorized in specializations like a Camera phone, gaming phone and so on. The mid-budget range is 10k to 30k. Almost all phones in this range are branded products and come with great features. 48 to 64 MP camera, battery life above 4000mAh and RAM above 3 GB are the general features from most of the phones in this category. Realme XT, Samsung Galaxy A10s, Realme X2 Pro, Oppo Reno3 Pro, Asus 6z are some of the notable deals trending now. These phones go well for students, for office-use, and any field where standard features of the phone find use.

High-End Refurbished Phones of 2020

The high-end phones come with cutting-edge technology, state-of-art design and exclusive features supported by powerful processors enabling smooth performance. Flagship models of classy brands make up this section. Apple iPhone 11, Samsung Galaxy S20, Apple iPhone SE genration2 are the most popular names of this category.

Many leading models of phones that are recently released are not available in the refurbished versions. It takes nearly 2 to 3 months before a newly released phone is refurbished and is out for purchase.

Where to Buy Refurbished Phones?

The pandemic situation has forced us into choosing online means of doing almost everything. When it comes to buying refurbished phones, not all online and offline stores are trustworthy. The black market is definitely not the right place to buy phones although they might be extremely cheap. Certified local refurbishers, large chain stores and factory outlets are considered safe offline means. Online brand stores and certified re-commerce platforms like Amazon renewed, Budli, and Cashify are considered safe for transactions.

Points to Remember

  1. Assess the phone thoroughly, compare specifications and read up about the grade of the refurbished mobile before purchase.
  2. Before confirm6ing the order, make sure to read the reviews and seller ratings about the model and vendor of certified refurbished phones.
  3. Buy refurbished phones that come with a warranty and return policy.
  4. Compare the price and grade of the model with the same model on other websites. Mobiru India is one such platform where you can compare the refurbished phone deals to pick the best deal.
  5. Check the compatibility of the device with other accessories and test use the phone on delivery. That way, you will be able to return the phone within return period if any faults are found.

Best Refurbished Phones for Every Budget in India 2020

The refurbished smartphones niche is expanding considerably and gaining recognition, popularity and importance that it much deserves. The major reason that people buy refurbished phones is because of the low costs. But what you need to know is that not only are refurbished phones lows in cost, but the top grades function as good as new phones. Purchase from certified vendors gives the benefit of quality devices that come with a warranty and return policy.

Refurbished Phones Under 5K

One of the most notable devices is Redmi Y1 Lite with 3080mAh battery and 13 MP cameras at Rs.3799. Other devices include Apple iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy On5. Samsung and Redmi refurbished smartphones found in this price range are of better quality than other devices.

Refurbished Phones Under 10K

With a power-packed 4000mAh battery and 48 MP cameras, refurbished Redmi Note 7 Pro at Rs 9199 is by far the best deal. Most low-end smartphones fit in the range of 5k-10k, and so people buy a new phone. But buying a refurbished mobile in this range lets you enjoy the benefits of pricey devices at a low cost. Oppo F7, Samsung Galaxy M20, Redmi Y3 and OnePlus 3T are the trending hot deals.

Refurbished Phones Under 20K

This range encompasses the best of a camera, gaming, and utility phones. Right from the sleek and stylish Samsung Galaxy at Rs. 19,249, to the gaming phone Realme XT at Rs. 14,699, find smartphones that are specialized for your specific needs. OnePlus 6, Samsung Galaxy M40, Poco F1, Redmi K20, iPhone 6 Plus are other major options to consider.

Refurbished Phones Under 30K

This range of refurbished mobiles India consists of high-end devices. Major brands and flagship devices’ refurbished versions are often found between 20k to 30k. Refurbished OnePlus & with fast charge and rapid cooling system has a starting price of around 26K. Apple iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, Oppo Reno2, Samsung Galaxy A80 are some of the best picks.

Top-Notch Refurbished Phones

Business-class smartphones, exclusive gaming and camera phones and smartphones with the best performance and design are often costly. And so are their refurbished versions. Fitting the price range of 30k-60k are devices like Apple iPhone X, Apple iPhone XR, Samsung Galaxy S20, OnePlus 7Pro, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and some others.

The important thing to note is that price for the same model of the refurbished phone varies with each vendor and with different grades of the phone. To buy refurbished mobiles of the best quality, buy only from certified vendors, and choose the best grade of the device.

10 Facts you Need to Know Before Buying a Second-Hand iPhone

Apple iPhones are high-end devices that cost a fortune. Owing to these high costs many people opt to buy used or second-hand iPhones. But here are a few things you need to know and check before you purchase a second-hand iPhone for a cheaper price.

  1. Refurbished iPhone are a better choice than second-hand iPhones. An iPhone second hand might co e with cosmetic dents, scratches and technical issues caused through the use of the previous user. Hence it could become a high maintenance deal. Refurbished iPhones are better as they are conditioned and repaired versions.
  2. Cloned iPhones are often sold instead of used iPhones. Many sellers sell cloned or fake versions of iPhones instead of used or refurbished iPhones. So you must keep a check over this factor and know the tips and tricks to identify a real iPhone from a fake one.
  3. Not all second-hand iPhones are safe. Many vendors might replace authentic parts with fake ones. This decreases the performance of the iPhone. So it is essential that you do a thorough check of the device and read about the differences between original and substitute parts.
  4. Compare the specifications and functionality. Second-hand iPhones are often sold when issues occur in the functionality of the iPhone. So, before you buy the iPhone make sure to check through all applications and features.
  5. Note the serial number and check the authenticity of the iPhone. Every iPhone has a unique serial number which can be noted through the about section in settings of the iPhone. Entering this serial number on the official Apple website gives you details regarding the model and is a way to check the authenticity, battery replacements or other details about the handset.
  6. Check the connectivity of the device with accessories. IPhones are compatible with only certain types of chargers, headphones and other accessories. So, before making the purchase check the compatibility of the device with the accessories provided by the seller. This is also a means to check the functioning of the buttons and ports of the used iPhone.
  7. Beware of sim-locked iPhones. Many dealers sell iPhone second hand that is sim-locked. It is essential that you check the working of the iPhone and do not get tricked into buying a sim-locked device.
  8. Buy devices with warranty and documents. Paper records related to ownership rights, warranty, or product details. Be sure to collect them all from the previous user.
  9. The source of purchase plays an important role. Black markets sell second hand iPhone at cheaper prices. But they are often unsafe as they could be illegally obtained models that are stolen. Certified sellers are the best source to buy from.
  10. Compare the price point. While buying a used iPhone compare the price point through comparison matrices or online websites. That way you can avail the best deal.

These are a few basic facts and points that you need to remember while purchasing a second-hand iPhone.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Refurbished Phones Online

We’re all looking for the next best deal. Whether it be on clothes or smartphones, we’re all hoping to get the best at the lowest price. It’s not the easiest to find the cheapest items out there. As smartphones get more expensive each year, we’re all definitely looking for a cheaper alternative. These days, there is an alternative! Refurbished phones are the best way to get a smartphone for a low cost and do your part for the environment!

What are Refurbished Phones?

A refurbished mobile is a used phone that is restored to work like new. Old phones, display models, and returned phones are all repaired and put through several quality checks before being sold at a lower price. Often, you can buy what is essentially a new phone at a much lower price.

So, what are the top 5 reasons to buy refurbished phones online?

  1. Price: The price point of a refurbished mobile is its biggest advantage. Since these phones have been repaired in some fashion and are not sold straight from manufacturing, the price is drastically reduced. By buying these phones, you can get a higher range model for a much lower price.
  2. Environment: It is a well-known fact that electronic waste and its disposal is an environmental issue. By buying a phone that is refurbished, you would be recycling. This helps with the reduction of electronic waste that has to be processed.
  3. Regret-free: A lot of us regret buying a smartphone sometime after the purchase. Whether it be because of the price, the quality, or because a better version came out; we have all had regrets. Buying a refurbished mobile leaves little room for regret. Since you’ve paid much lesser, you can change mobiles whenever you want with no regrets!
  4. Quality at a lower price: Used and second-hand phones often come with a risk. They may not last as long or have debilitating issues. A refurbished mobile does not come with these risks. Since the phone has been restored to work like new, the phone is going to perform for as long as a new phone would. They even come with a warranty so that you can get any issue fixed quickly.
  5. Keep the favorites: If you have a particular model of phone you are attached to or prefer a certain brand that has gotten too expensive; you don’t have to worry. When you buy refurbished phones online, you can find a range of models available. Even if it is an older model, you are assured a great performance and quality.

So, there you have it! Every reason you need to get on with buying your own refurbished mobiles online. They’re cheaper, better for the environment, and you’re guaranteed quality! There’s nothing to lose!

Refurbished Mobiles and How they Save the Environment

Ever wondered about what happens to the device batteries that you dispose of? Or to the broken earphones, dead phones and old adapters that are thrown away? Well, they pile up and cause electronic waste pollution. Till a certain extent, this form of pollution can be controlled, and the best way to do that is recycling mobile phones and using refurbished mobile phones.

What is Electronic Waste Pollution?

Electronic pollution is often defined as the form of pollution caused by discarded electrical parts and devices. Computers, laptops, smartphones and other electronic gadgets have multiple components that have to be discarded post-use. Components of CPU’s and batteries have traces of lead, which leads to the poisoning of the nearby soil and water bodies thus leading to pollution. Cadmium, bromine and beryllium are other elements present that are sources of possible danger. The circuits present in the gadgets are electromagnetically activated because of the power supply provided to it during its working phase. These circuits emit radio and microwaves. When discarded, this radiation could be a potential threat to environmental factors. Leaking of heavy metal components in the landfills pollute the soil, in turn polluting the water during rains, in turn polluting the surrounding eco-system.

E-Waste Pollution in India

Over a billion smartphones are purchased per year on a global scale. And for every phone brought, there is a phone discarded. In India, while many individuals sell their used phones to recycle companies or refurbishment units, there is a major portion of people selling it to junkyards or street hawkers (the raddeewala/patrawala). This junk is not cleanly segregated as the people keep the components they need and throw the rest. This leads to a major chunk of e-waste pollution in India. Also, e-waste from many other countries is often illegally dumped in India.

India generates over 2million metric tons of smartphone waste annually. Experts believe that 85% of the discarded phones can be recycled or refurbished while 15% cannot. The 15% includes crushed parts, broken glass and deformed plastic components.

How do Refurbished Mobiles Help?

The used phones that are sold off, along with delivery returned phones and phones obtained in exchange schemes if thrown away cause environment pollution. But they aren’t thrown away. They are sent to units where they are repaired conditioned, tested and graded to make them fully functional again. This way, the re-commerce business is benefited and a major portion of pollutants are cut down. The phones that would have been thrown are made usable and the pile of waste can be decreased.

How to Save the Environment from E-Waste?

Purchase of refurbished mobiles is the easiest way. Sell your used phones, accessories instead of throwing them. Send electronic gadgets to recycle units when they get old. Do not throw individual parts in regular bins. Minimize the use of multiple gadgets, and always read up about environment-safe options when you buy and dispose of electronics.

How to Save Money by Buying a Used or Refurbished Mobile Phone

As smartphones get more expensive, options like used and refurbished mobiles become more attractive. With each launch, flagship phones are getting more expensive and unaffordable. Refurbished or used options offer you the chance to get the phones you want at a more affordable price. While the quality of a used mobile might not always be the greatest, they are a much cheaper option.

What’s the Difference Between Used and Refurbished?

Before buying a refurbished or used smartphone, you have to understand the difference. Refurbished phones are used phones that have been restored to work like new. They are repaired and go through several quality checks and tests to make sure they perform like a new phone. Used phones are not restored; they are sold as-is to the next person.

This difference is also the reason refurbished mobile can be slightly more expensive than a used mobile. Since they have been worked on, they last longer and often perform better. A used phone comes with a greater risk, thereby making them cheaper. Depending on your need, either option can be good for you.

How to Buy Refurbished or Used Phones:

The chances of getting a high-quality phone are higher online. Not only are you assured quality but some incredible offers and a wide range of products and prices. So, how do you buy refurbished phones online?

  1. Understand what you’re looking for: Just knowing the difference between a refurbished and used phone is not enough, you need to understand the differences in the two categories. Prices are going to differ based on the quality of the phone you’re buying. It can also be helpful to understand the general price range of the phone you’re looking to buy.
  2. Find a reliable website: There are several fake websites eagerly waiting to scam you, which is why it is important to find a reliable site. It is not impossible to be scammed with fake phones. Sites with valid reputations like Cashify, Mobiru India, and Budli provide a collection of refurbished mobiles at great prices! You can even go for sites like eBay and Quikr, but they do come with certain risks.
  3. Go through the Description: When you’ve picked the model and the price, check the description. Understand exactly you’re going to buy to avoid any unwanted surprises.
  4. Check the phone once you receive it: Test the battery, check the gallery, make sure the phone is functional. If there are any issues with the phone, you can quickly return it and not lose out on money.

Refurbished phones and used phones are a great way to save money and do your part for the environment. While there are some things to keep in mind, it is not unlike buying a new phone. You will have a range of options and deals to choose from, and as long as you know what you’re looking for, you should be fine. That being said, happy shopping!

Best Smartphone Disinfectant Wipes to Protect Against COVID-19 Virus

In times like this, you need to take every precaution you can to stay safe. With new information coming out every day about the virus, it has become necessary to take every safety measure possible. Some new news said that your smartphone could be a carrier of the virus. While this isn’t proven, our smartphones are known to carry a lot of other germs and dust. Even if you’re not ridding your phone of the corona-virus, by disinfecting your phone, it isn’t a complete loss.

Disinfecting your phone isn’t as easy as it seems. It’s not as easy as rubbing some sanitizer on it, as the screen of your smartphone is very sensitive. You can damage the sensitivity of the screen in this manner. Which is where smartphone disinfecting wipes come in handy.

What Are Smartphone Disinfecting Wipes?

These are alcohol-based wipes specifically designed to be used on smartphones. They take into account the sensitivity of your phone screen and make sure to not damage it while disinfecting your phone.

Why Do You Need Them?

Disinfectant wipes are a quick and easy way to disinfect your phone after a shopping trip or an outing of any kind. Your smartphone touches and picks up a lot of dust and other germs. It is also an object that comes into contact with your face very often. By quickly disinfecting your phone, you are reducing the chances of the virus or any other germs entering your system.

What Are The Best Smartphone Disinfecting Wipes Available?

While there are you can get antibacterial wipes for phone anywhere these days, not all are reliable. We have three brands that are reliable:

  1. Zeiss Pre-Moistened Wipes: These are easy to use, ammonia-free, and safe for your phone screen.
  2. Care Touch Cleaning Wipes: These are also easy-to-use, ammonia-free, and quickly take off dust, fingerprints, and smudges along with the germs on your phone screen.
  3. Clorox Wipes: Clorox being such a household name is bound to be on any of these lists. The wipes are efficient and reliable.

While it is necessary to disinfect your smartphone, it is also necessary to be careful. Don’t be too harsh on your phone screen or disinfectant your screen too often. Doing so can lead to your phone screen being damaged. It is also wise to be careful around the ports of your phone. Most importantly, it is important to be safe at such times. Stay safe, and stay happy!

Top 10 Sites to Buy Refurbished Phones to Save you Money

If you want a flagship brand’s latest device, you’d probably have to pull all strings to gather money before you can buy the pricey device, unless if you’re filthy rich! Smartphones today come in a wide range of prices, and the upper limit keeps expanding. So, buying a new standard smartphone might mean drilling a hole in your pocket. So why not save some good deal of money by buying refurbished devices?

Refurbished devices are out for sale only when they are thoroughly tested, repaired and cleaned after being collected from various sources. So, they are as good as new, but come at a lower price, making them a catchy deal.

While there are multiple places from where you can buy refurbished smartphones, here are the top 10 websites.

1. Cashify

With over 7 years of expertise in the field of repairing mobiles, selling refurbished smartphones and recycling smartphones, this website is one of the bests in the business. Cashify sells a wide range of refurbished devices, is convenient and a safe platform to trade on. Moreover, it doesn’t intervene with the ownership details, giving the users a complete ownership transfer. The refurbished devices at Cashify come in three grades: Open-Box, Excellent and Good.

2. Budli

Budli is popular for being the first Re-commerce site in India. This platform is meticulously planned and pays attention to minute details of trade and selection. The phones are categorized well making it very easy to shop from Budli. Along with Cashify, Budli promotes local refurbishment vendors that are certified, thus promoting the local trade. Budli sells refurbished smartphones with an authorized warranty card and has a return period of 7 days.

3. Amazon Renewed

All of us are aware of this famous name. Amazon renewed is an initiative run by the Amazon shopping portal, through which it sells unboxed and refurbished devices. As of now, the refurbished smartphones at Amazon renewed are of the best quality in the entire country. But since the phones are good, the refurbished phones are costly compared to other sites. Another perk of Amazon renewed is their return policy of 90 whole days. That makes it 3 months.

4. Mobiru India

Mobiruindia is not like other platforms that sell refurbished devices. Rather this is the third-party that brings forth amazing services. Mobiruindia is an emerging Indian startup that is specializing in two sectors. First, it provides a compare matrix, and second, it provides a standardized grading mechanism.

5. Flipkart 2Gud

Similar to Amazon, Flipkart runs its refurbished section through Flipkart 2Gud. The most notable part of this website is the way the phones are graded. 2Gud has nearly 5 grades for the phones: Grade U, Z, A, C, D. This makes it convenient for the user to select the type and condition of the phone you need. Devices here come with a warranty and a return period of 7 days.

6. Paytm Mall

Founded in 2016, this website sells some of the cost-effective refurbished smartphones. This website is brought forth by Paytm. So, you can expect some cool coupons and cash-backs on the devices sold here by doing some recharges and using other features of Paytm. The Like-new grade refurbished phones at Paytm mall come with 12 months warranty and original accessories, while the other grades come with 6 months warranty.

7. Yaantra

Yaantra is one of those websites where you will find the cheapest refurbished phone deals. The phones sold at Yaantra come in all price ranges and all probable brands. The devices come in three grades: flawless, good and fair. And what’s more, all the three grades of phones come with 12 months of warranty. So this site is a really good pick for those seeking good phones within a low budget.

8. TogoFogo

TogoFogo gained fame with their amazing deals on refurbished iPhones. Although all other sites sell iPhones too, many users claim that TogoFogo has the best deals to offer. Besides Apple, TogoFogo also hosts refurbished smartphones from many leading brands like Samsung, OnePlus and such others. Devices come in 4 grades, and all of them have 1-year warranties, but the return period is 3 days.

9. Shopclues

This user-friendly website was launched in 2011 and is an online marketplace for several. Shopclues has also expanded its niche to selling refurbished smartphones. You will find many refurbished devices of button-version phones. Also, this is a good place to pick low-cost devices that come with certified quality.

10. PreLoved Device

This lesser-known website hosts a really good range of refurbished smartphones. All top-notch brands can be found here. Although the options are not too many, they are expanding and bringing forth good devices. There are nearly 6 different grades for the smartphones at PreLoved Device. Devices are at reasonable rates, and the website provides good services.

After reading about the top 9 websites, it is obvious that each website has its grading system and each website sells the same model of phone for different prices. So, choosing the best deal can become a real hectic process. But Mobiru India smoothens it all. Through this website, you can compare the prices, grades and specifications of phones from multiple websites and pick the deal that best appeals to you. Moreover, their standardized grading system makes understanding the device quality a whole lot easy!

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