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Best Place to Sell Second Hand Mobile Online India

Who doesn’t want to own the latest flagship mobiles or high-end gadgets in the modern world of technology? But not everyone can afford these phones because of their cost.

But you can.

You can sell second hand mobile online and earn some extra cash to purchase the latest mobile. There are many students who are on the lookout for a second-hand smartphone in good condition. You can sell your old phone for a good price to these students over online platforms and get a new model for yourself.

Second hand mobile sell online is a huge and growing business in the modern world. You can visit the top 5 platforms and check the rates they offer. These platforms refurbish your device before selling them to buyback companies or individuals looking for the latest androids at a lower price in India.

Top 5 Platforms to Sell Old Mobile Online

Do you want to sell your old mobile online? Wondering which website is authentic and safe for the deal? Here we have the ultimate list of the top 5 mobile reselling platforms to make it easier for you to decide.

  1. Mobiru is India’s largest online platform to buy and sell old mobiles and gadgets. This website allows you to compare buyback offers from authentic buyers before initiating a sale. If you have a damaged phone, let them know the extent of the damage. Mobiru will arrange for the refurbishing of your device before reselling it. They offer guaranteed best buyback deals in India.
  2. Cashify is yet another popular website where you can sell your old mobile phones for a good deal. They offer instant cash deals when you sell your mobiles here. The offers don’t end here. When you sell with Cashify, you get your payments instantly after your buyer purchases the device. Plus, Cashify arranges for a free pickup every time you sell on their platform. The deals are also extended for the buyers as they get a 6-months warranty, even on a refurbished mobile or gadgets.
  3. Yaantra is the third-best online platform on our list to sell old phones and purchase a refurbished one. This Noida-based company is known for its value-for-money deals on old gadgets along with mobile phones.
  4. 2Gud is a Flipkart-owned new platform in India where you can sell and buy refurbished mobiles with a warranty. The prices for the latest mobiles you get here are relatively lower than on other platforms.
  5. InstaCash is an exclusive platform for selling old mobiles in less than a minute. They offer a home pickup service and instant cash payments when you sell a mobile online.


Buying and selling old mobiles on online platforms is the new trend for gadget lovers to secure the latest mobiles at a lower price. If you want to buy the latest mobile at a reduced cost, visit any of the platforms mentioned above and sell your old device for a good deal. You can use this cash to purchase your latest flagship mobile.

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