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Buy Refurbished Phones In India

Change is the only constant when it comes to technology. We see top mobile brands launching new models every month, and each of them comes with some new technology input. If you wish to stay technologically advanced and want your device to speak about it, you frequently need to change your phone.

However, we understand that it can be difficult to purchase a new phone every 3-6 months. Not everyone can afford to buy new phones. That’s why we suggest purchasing a refurbished version of the latest mobiles.   

 What are refurbished mobiles?

Refurbished phones are nothing but a renewed model of a preowned mobile phone. Refurbished mobiles India had been introduced to the e-commerce platforms recently. 

We often see smartphone users selling off their mobiles for a new one or because of some malfunctioning. These phones are then bought by manufacturers or dealers and revamped to look function as good as new ones. Once a phone has been refurbished, it undergoes a series of performance checks and then certified for sale. Such products sell for half the price of a new phone. 

A person could have returned his or her phone for several reasons. That’s why returned phones are first checked for scratches and malfunctioning, repaired thoroughly, and then checked for performance. This ensures that the renewed phone you get is highly in a functioning condition. 

No doubt, these phones are in such demand. E-commerce platforms nowadays display refurbished mobiles of bigger brands like iPhone, Samsung, Motorola, Redmi, or others at half their original prices. Those who couldn’t have afforded a new model can now get the same model in revamped condition for half its price. 

Things to consider while buying a refurbished mobile 

Do you want to stay updated with the latest mobile in your hand? Are you facing a financial crunch while buying the advanced model of mobile? You can now visit e-commerce websites and buy refurbished phones for an extremely low price. 

However, one needs to be aware of frauds in refurbishing. There is always apprehension about the quality of the phone and its performance when buying a previously owned revamped phone. 

If you are the consumer, being wary about the reliability of such phones is normal. Refurbished mobiles call for a cautious purchase. If you are not sure what to look for, here we have a list of things you should remember while purchasing revamped phones.

1. Always buy Grade A refurbished mobiles:

Every revamped mobile undergoes rigorous testing and checking to understand its quality, performance capacity, and physical condition. These tests show the extent of wear and tear endured by the phone and how responsive its software is. 

Once the testing is complete, the dealers grade the mobiles under three refurbishing categories, in accordance with their physical condition. The Grade refurbished phones are always in almost new condition with minuscule scratches. Grade B devices are a little-used option and have some scratches. The Grade C models usually have lots of dents and scratches, but their software works fine. Of course, their prices vary accordingly. 

If this is your first revamped phone, we recommend buying Grade A refurbished model. Even if it is costlier than other grades, it will be cheaper than new models but will appear as good as new. 

2. Buy from reliable sources:

A revamped phone can always troubleshoot after using it for a few days. If you get it from a reliable source, you can at least remain sure of the quality checks performed by the seller. Also, many dealers provide you with their warranty for 6 months. 

3. Look for the return policy:

Just like purchasing a new phone, check the return policy offered by the seller on revamped phones. Revamped phones have been used previously and can show disturbances within a few days of use. So, it is essential that your seller has a no-questions-asked return policy for a certain period of time. Check these terms with your seller before you place your order.

4. Are you getting a value-for-money deal?

Refurbished device prices are always less than new and original ones. But are you getting the maximum value for the price you paid for the device? Compare a few sellers to see the value additions they provide along with a reduced price. Some might offer freebies like a headset, USB cable, screen guard, etc. 

5. Beware of stolen and fake mobiles

Fraudulence with revamped electronic devices is nothing new. One must always refrain from buying stolen or fake mobiles. How will you understand that? When you purchase a revamped phone, contact the seller and request the original invoice of the device to prove its authenticity. Also, gather the hardware information of the phone and check on apps to ensure it is not a fake model.


Purchasing a revamped phone calls for cautiousness. If you know what to check and which model to buy, you can strike yourself a great bargain. If you face a budget constraint while purchasing a mobile, always go for its Grade A refurbished model and enjoy a phone as good as new. 


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