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Why are Refurbished Samsung Mobiles so Cheap?

Samsung brand of smartphones never ceases to surprise customers with its innovative technology, stunning design and all-round utility of its devices. In recent times, refurbished smartphones are come to the brim of the phone industry because of the importance it carries from an environmental and economic perspective.

If you browse through refurbished mobile sellers you will find that Samsung refurbished mobiles are found in abundance, and at extremely low prices. Here are three reasons why the refurbished Samsung mobiles are cheap.

  1. The first reason is the structure of brand products. Samsung smartphones come in a wide range of technological and cost categories. For instance, the Z, Note series are high-end brands with flagship devices whereas A series comprises of mid-budget devices. The Samsung M series are low-end smartphones with great features at a low cost. Owing to this structure, the refurbished versions of A and M series are prone to be low in cost, thus a boon for many customers running short on budget.
  2. The second reason is the popularity of the brand. Samsung smartphones are extremely popular and well-known. The popularity of the brand leads to a large purchase of its devices. This gives scope for the conditioning of many used phones to refurbish them. With a whole lot of marketing and business involved, Samsung leads in quality and quantity making the Samsung refurbished mobiles cheap in cost.
  3. The third reason is the availability and utility of the brand. Samsung, although a Korean brand, has its major manufacturing units established in India. Multiple online stores and offline chain stores sell this brand. This makes repair and maintenance easy and cost-effective. So also, the availability of refurbished Samsung mobiles in India contributes to the low costs of the devices.

The popularity and availability also contribute to its affiliation with large shopping portals. These portals often host exchange programs and sales with considerable discount rates. This makes the purchase of refurbished Samsung phones cheap and budget-friendly.

To get the best deals of refurbished Samsung mobiles in India, it is essential to purchase from the right buyers. The factory stores are often a reliable source but the refurbished devices brought from there don’t come too cheap. Online portals with certified refurbishers are a great choice to buy refurbished phones at a low cost. Amazon renewed, Cashify, Flipkart 2Gud, PaytmMall, and Budli are some renowned names of this niche. Comparing various deals for the same model of a refurbished phone at Mobiru India will help you pick the best deal in terms of price and phone grade. At Mobiru India, you can find cheap Samsung phones right from Rs 899.

Top deals within 10k include refurbished Samsung galaxy On8, S6 Edge, M10, J8, Note4 and many others.

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