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Best Refurbished Phones for Every Budget in India 2020

The refurbished smartphones niche is expanding considerably and gaining recognition, popularity and importance that it much deserves. The major reason that people buy refurbished phones is because of the low costs. But what you need to know is that not only are refurbished phones lows in cost, but the top grades function as good as new phones. Purchase from certified vendors gives the benefit of quality devices that come with a warranty and return policy.

Refurbished Phones Under 5K

One of the most notable devices is Redmi Y1 Lite with 3080mAh battery and 13 MP cameras at Rs.3799. Other devices include Apple iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy On5. Samsung and Redmi refurbished smartphones found in this price range are of better quality than other devices.

Refurbished Phones Under 10K

With a power-packed 4000mAh battery and 48 MP cameras, refurbished Redmi Note 7 Pro at Rs 9199 is by far the best deal. Most low-end smartphones fit in the range of 5k-10k, and so people buy a new phone. But buying a refurbished mobile in this range lets you enjoy the benefits of pricey devices at a low cost. Oppo F7, Samsung Galaxy M20, Redmi Y3 and OnePlus 3T are the trending hot deals.

Refurbished Phones Under 20K

This range encompasses the best of a camera, gaming, and utility phones. Right from the sleek and stylish Samsung Galaxy at Rs. 19,249, to the gaming phone Realme XT at Rs. 14,699, find smartphones that are specialized for your specific needs. OnePlus 6, Samsung Galaxy M40, Poco F1, Redmi K20, iPhone 6 Plus are other major options to consider.

Refurbished Phones Under 30K

This range of refurbished mobiles India consists of high-end devices. Major brands and flagship devices’ refurbished versions are often found between 20k to 30k. Refurbished OnePlus & with fast charge and rapid cooling system has a starting price of around 26K. Apple iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, Oppo Reno2, Samsung Galaxy A80 are some of the best picks.

Top-Notch Refurbished Phones

Business-class smartphones, exclusive gaming and camera phones and smartphones with the best performance and design are often costly. And so are their refurbished versions. Fitting the price range of 30k-60k are devices like Apple iPhone X, Apple iPhone XR, Samsung Galaxy S20, OnePlus 7Pro, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and some others.

The important thing to note is that price for the same model of the refurbished phone varies with each vendor and with different grades of the phone. To buy refurbished mobiles of the best quality, buy only from certified vendors, and choose the best grade of the device.

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